Friday, February 26, 2016

Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing a perfect dress for your bridesmaids is not so simple. You have flipped hundreds of pages in dozens of fashion catalogs and magazines and yet you still do not have a slightest idea for the outfit. You have watched all the wedding comedies with Hugh Grant or Colin Firth, and despite having a good laugh there was not a single pretty idea for the gowns for your bridal party. This is especially annoying because of the other responsibilities and preparations for the wedding that demand your attention as well. The deadline is coming faster and faster and the stress that you feel does not allow you to happily anticipate for this most beautiful moment. In a moment like that, you should always make use of the solutions and designs that have already proven themselves and are bound to work for you as well. So here they are, the three features that make up a perfect bridesmaid dress. First of all, such a dress should be modest. What it should do is to compliment your bridal gown and emphasize its features and not distract guests. This becomes especially important when your bridal party consists of more than one or two brides. When there are many people before the altar it is very easy to lose focus and forget who deserves the biggest attention on that day. Therefore, you should avoid flashy and vivid colors, controversial dresses, or original and controversial designs. A straight, simple dress covering the knees is always a good choice. You should not add any accessories as well. Every bridesmaid will probably wear her own jewelry so there is absolutely no need for gilding up a lily. Therefore, the first feature of a perfect bridesmaid dress is modesty. Another thing you ought to remember is that its color should match the bridal gown. As it was already mentioned, this dress should emphasize the dress of a bride, so that is why you need it to be in a matching color. One will probably say that every color matches white, but that is not the case with a wedding dress. Every color matches white but not every color compliments white. Therefore, the colors you are looking for are silver or gray. No matter how large your bridal party is, gray or silver dresses will never distract the guests or divert their attention, no matter how numerous they are. If you do not want to risk spoiling the ceremony by choosing wrong colors for your bridesmaid dresses, pick gray or silver. They are always a safe bet. Finally, such dresses have to be comfortable. Definitely the last thing you want to happen on your wedding is to see your bridal party holding their dresses tightly after one of them showed her lingerie to all guests after failing to do so. This does not mean that you should pick a bridesmaid dress with a tight corset. Such dresses are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful to wear. You should always consult your bridal party and together come to some sort of agreement. That way you can be sure that everyone is happy about the design that was chosen. It is really that simple. No need for fashion catalogs or websites. All you need to remember are these three rules and your wedding will look just like you always wanted it to look like.
Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

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Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

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